2 Days Left

29 Oct

There are 2 Days Remaining until the flash sale on Amazon. Remember, its only with your participation that the success of this endeavor will be assured. Thanks again for your support, generosity and contribution to the arts.

Reminder: Head over here to purchase your copy of Counterclockwise

And if you plan to participate, please wait until 11am on 11/1 to do so.


There are 22 Days Remaining

9 Oct

The Countdown

Counterclockwise the Audio Book

7 Oct

More exciting news friends: My former student and current creative consultant Brian Gaston is working on the audio version of Counterclockwise. At nearly 300 pages and not even taking into account the flubbing of lines, editing and mastering, this in itself will be a massive undertaking.

Here is a link to some of the work he’s been involved in: Super Frog Saves Tokyo

Be sure to check out “Damages” and “The Hazards of Hospitals.” This will give you an idea of some of the voiceover work he’s done. You can also go to Creditscore and view the video on the main homepage to hear a less creepy sample of his voice.

I’ve also included a photo here so you can put a face with this wonderful weirdo’s voice.



The Countdown Has Begun

3 Oct

The Countdown

Click this link to see how many days are remaining. Do not purchase a copy of Counterclockwise until the timer reaches 0. Thanks everyone!

Counterclockwise Mission Statement

3 Oct

Hello friends, family, students, colleagues and complete strangers. As you may or may not be aware, I have finally published my novel Counterclockwise, a labor of love that has been decades in the making. And now I am here to lobby for your support and appeal to your love of literature and the arts in general.

Below this statement you will notice an amazon.com link to my book. What I would ask of you is to share this website with everyone you know who supports creative independent endeavors and on 11/01/2012 when the countdown timer above this post reaches 0, around @11:00am PST, to please purchase a copy of the book on Amazon. The primary goal here is not to turn a huge profit, but rather to elevate the book to # 1, or at least put it in the top ten so as to bring some serious attention to a small self published release through the grassroots efforts of all of you.

I know this is a massively ambitious undertaking, but with your help and support, maybe we can knock 50 Shades of Grey off the bestseller list. I can’t do this without you. When the Amazon campaign has ended we will reset it for the official event launch at the Feedback Lounge in West Seattle on 11/14

Counterclockwise on Amazon